Sacrament of the Sick

Through this Sacrament those whose health is seriously impaired by sickness or old age are strengthened by Christ. The Sacrament is celebrated by the laying on of hands by a priest and by anointing with oil made holy by God’s blessing.

The Church encourages us not to delay requesting this Sacrament, so as well as responding to individual requests for the Sacrament we try to have some occasions during the year when the Sacrament is offered either during or at the end of Mass so that all who desire it may have the opportunity to receive it.

As this is a Sacrament of Healing it is appropriate to request this if you are sick or before a hospital admission. Hospital chaplains can be contacted through the hospital staff or though our Parish Office. The Sacrament is no longer reserved for extreme circumstances. The Sacrament for the dying is Eucharist (Viaticum i.e. food for the journey).