The Sacrament of Marriage allows partners to promise to give their life and their love freely—one to the other—with the help of God and the community, who are called to witness this joyous celebration.
Church law normally requires one partner to be a confirmed Catholic. If you live in this parish, worship here regularly, or consider St. Thomas More’s to be your “family church,” you may approach the priest about the possibility of being married at St. Thomas More.
Six month’s notice of your plans is required to allow time for the priest to establish that both parties are free to marry according to the rites of the Catholic Church. Couples are also required to attend a Marriage Preparation Course which can be discussed with the priest. On the wedding day, many who are involved with the parish will be there to offer help and support.  If your partner is not a Catholic, please be assured that we will make them and their family welcome and at home.

If you wish to marry please speak to Fr. Michael at least six months before your proposed wedding date. Please do not make any other arrangements concerning your wedding until Fr. Michael has confirmed the availability of the Church for your wedding.