Parish Council

The Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) was formed in 2007 following calls for increased representation from both parishioners and the Diocese. It exists to help and advise our Parish Priest in the day to day running and administration of the Parish. It advises and
plans on issues from liturgy and laity to security and social events. It allows parishioners direct feedback to their Parish Priest and the Parish through the council members.
The PPC consists of the Parish Priest and 12 members of the Parish. At inception, six members were hand-picked by Fr. Malachy and a further 6 volunteered from the body of the parish. Committee members stay for two years. At the end of their tenure members are replaced by further volunteers. If more parishioners apply than there are places available then a vote is cast by the parishioners.

Annette Bateman
Annette McHale
Catherine Danaher
Gilbert Paul-Clark
Jackie Williams
Ameeta D’Souza
Rev Dr Joe Dawson
Louise McCole
Fr Michael Moore
Martin Fitzwilliam
Rosanna Coxon

Contact details for all members are posted in the Narthex. The PPC has a defined constitution, terms of reference, mission statement, and membership. It has rules on quoracy, Officers (Chairman, Vice Chair and Secretary), and length of tenure and it has the ability to convene sub committees if needed.

The PPC meets every 8 weeks to an agreed Agenda. Minutes are taken and made available to parishioners. The PPC reports formally to the parish it is answerable to every year in the form of an Open Meeting. The members of the PPC welcome your direct comments on the running of the parish and do feed them back to your Parish Priest.