October – Extraordinary Month of Mission

October –Extraordinary Month of Mission designated by the Holy Father with “the aim offostering an increased awareness of the Mission ad gentes and taking up again with renewedfervour the missionary transformation of the Church’s life and pastoral activity. Materials havealready been prepared and can be found at

Holy Week 2019

Monday 15th April           

7.30pm – Knighton – Passover Meal


Wednesday 17th April

11.30am – Mass of Chrism, St Barnabas Cathedral, Nottingham


Thursday 18th April


7.30pm – Oadby – Mass of the Lord’s Supper

watching at Altar of Repose until 9.45pm Night Prayer

8.00pm –  Knighton – Mass of the Lord’s Supper

watching at Altar of Repose until 11.45pm Night Prayer


Friday 19th April

GOOD FRIDAY – day of Fast and Abstinence (First Day of the Sacred Triduum)

9.00am – Knighton – Office of Readings and Morning Prayer

10.00am – Knighton – Children’s Stations of the Cross

11.00am – Oadby – Children’s Stations of the Cross

3.00pm – Knighton – Commemoration of the Death and Passion of the Lord

3.00pm – Oadby – Commemoration of the Death and Passion of the Lord

07.00pm – Knighton – Stations of the Cross

07.00pm – Oadby – Stations of the Cross


Saturday 20th April

HOLY SATURDAY (Second Day of the Sacred Triduum)

9.00am – Knighton – Office of Readings and Morning Prayer

During Holy Saturday you are invited to come into the silence of the church and reflect and pray especially for the bereaved and for peace in our world.

3.00pm – Knighton – Afternoon prayer

After 3.00pm the Churches are prepared for Easter

08.30pm – Knighton – Easter Vigil followed by Shared Table


Sunday 21st April

EASTER DAY (Third Day of the Sacred Triduum)

9.00am – Knighton – Easter Day Mass

11.00am – Oadby – Easter Day Mass

Thank you

On behalf of all the parishioners of St. Thomas More and Immaculate Conception Parishes we would like to thank all those who have prepared our Churches and liturgies for our Advent and Christmas celebrations.  A big thank you to our choir and music group, our wonderful altar servers and all ministers and regular parishioners whose regular contribution throughout the year is truly appreciated. Special mention to the small but dedicated band who cleaned the Churches in preparation for Christmas. Thank you for the generosity of your Christmas offerings, gifts and kind words and greetings. We hope you are all able to find some time to rest with your loved ones, family and friends over the holiday period.

May we all draw closer to Jesus and to one another during this Christmas tide.

Fr Michael and Fr Kevin

Travelling Nativity

During Advent our travelling nativity takes a journey around Knighton. A great way to prepare for Christmas and fun for the whole family! Two families meet every day in December as part of our preparation to celebrate the birth of Jesus, with one family handing the nativity over to another. It comes complete with suggested readings, prayers and Christmas hymns.

If you would like to be part, all you have to do is put your name on the list is in the narthex. The travelling nativity will be brought to you on this day. The following day you will deliver it to the next family on the list. You can agree the arrangements and the time to meet with the families yourself. Follow the journey on Facebook too.


We are in the process of reviewing and auditing all volunteers including those involved in Children’s liturgy, drivers, Drop In helpers, Liturgists, Ministers of Holy Communion and all Sacramental Preparation programmes e.g. First Holy Communion.

Any volunteer leading a group or ministry which involves vulnerable adults and children needs to be DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) checked. If you are currently a volunteer and have not been DBS checked, you must cease from this role until a check can be arranged by our safeguarding reps.

Our safeguarding reps are

Knighton: Louise McCole or Ian Bridgwood

Oadby: Jenny Walsh

Thank you to those who have volunteered to be the second person each week at Knighton children’s liturgy – no preparation or leading required – we just need to you to be there! The same is required for Oadby parish at 11.00am Mass.

If you can help, please contact Jenny Walsh or Bernie Stribling.

Christmas Masses 2018

Monday 24th December

5.00pm Vigil Mass, Oadby

6.00pm Vigil Mass, Knighton

9.15pm Carols and Readings

10.00pm Mass


Tuesday 25th December

9.00am Mass, Knighton

11.00am Mass, Oadby


Wednesday 26th December

10.00am Mass, Knighton

Renewal of Altar Servers commitment for both parishes.

Becoming a Catholic

Our parish communities welcome those who wish to enquire and ask questions about our faith and explore what it is to be a Catholic in the world today. The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) is an invitation for non-Catholics to come and see what we do as Catholics and explore together why we do it. By listening to your questions, sharing and exploring stories, praying together and looking at Catholic practices a person may or may not decide to become a Catholic. There is no obligation, only an invitation to come and see.
On Wednesday 12th September we will begin the RCIA on Wednesday evenings in the Parish rooms, Knighton, 7.15pm – 8.45pm. If you are interested in finding out more about our faith and would like to come along, please speak to Fr. Michael or Jackie Williams (c/o Parish office).

Pastoral Care

As announced last weekend, Fr. Stephen Foster has resigned from active ministry due to ill health and the Diocesan Care Team and his family are now making arrangements for residential care for him.

Bishop Patrick has asked Fr. Michael, if he would take on from mid-September, the pastoral care of St. Mary’s, South Wigston and St. John Bosco, Eyres Monsell in addition to Knighton and Oadby parishes. Fr Michael will be assisted in this by Fr Kevin Aithaide as Assistant Priest who will reside in the presbytery at Knighton with Fr. Michael. Bishop Patrick has asked for our continuing and renewed support in sharing in the practical matters and administration of our parishes.

Thank you from Fr Michael

A big thank you to our parishioners at both St. Thomas More and Immaculate Conception – So many people gave their time and talents so generously to enable our Holy Week liturgy to be truly inspiring. I would like to thank everyone especially the choir – the months of practice by our choir that resulted in music that was truly uplifting; our organists John Pye and Annette Brindle, as always, played beautifully; our Servers dealt with our quite complicated liturgy with skill and reverence; our Sacristans put in hours of preparation and the small team that came to clean the Churches during Holy Week; our Flower arrangers and all those who exercised their ministries within the liturgies. A big thank you to Fr Anthony Maggs for being with us – he has written to say thank you for the warm welcome and says it is a privilege to share the Triduum with us. Finally, a big thank you for the cards, gifts and generous Easter Offerings.

May God’s blessing be with you and your families and friends during this Easter tide.
Father Michael

Stole of Remembrance

There will be a basket by the Baptismal font at Knighton this weekend and on the 4th and 5th Sundays in Lent for anyone who would like to donate a piece of cotton cloth (about 6” x 4”) to be added to the Knighton Stole of Remembrance for a loved one who has died during the past year.