Parish Finances

All contributions made by parishioners are very much appreciated at any time, but the generosity of those of you who have continued to give via online banking and standing order, during this difficult time, has been valued greatly. We also realise that the current emergency is affecting many people’s income and they may not be able to continue their level of offerings. If this is the case, we fully understand.

Many parishioners contribute through Planned Giving Envelopes or loose plate and we are asking you, if your circumstances allow, to re-consider your way of giving and use either Online Banking or, if you are not online, the paper standing order method.

  • The advantages to this are:
  • Usually free of charge for both payer and payee
  • Quick and easy to set up
  • Useful for making recurring contributions
  • Helps the Parish to have a reliable income each month to assist in forward planning
  • You can increase or decrease your offering at any time by contacting your bank
  • Less cash handling within the parish
  • Increased security as less cash being kept on Church premises and being taken to the bank

Setting up a Standing Order with Online Banking
If you have internet access and your bank account is online you can set up your standing order with the Parish bank details which can be given to you by the relevant Parish Office on the telephone or emailed to you on request. Please use as the reference your surname and first name with the prefix Z if you Gift Aid e.g. ZSMITHJANET with Gift Aid or SMITHJANET without Gift Aid. Please remember if you are a taxpayer gift aid can be claimed from your donations. If you donate £20.00 per month this would become £25.00 at no extra cost to yourself. If you wish to Gift Aid as a taxpayer, you will need to sign a Gift Aid declaration, again available from the Parish Office or downloaded from the Diocesan Website.

If you do not have access to Online Banking but still wish to contribute by standing order, please request a form from the Parish Office.

If you would like your new supply of envelopes posting to your home address please contact Fr. Michael by email or telephone and we will arrange this for you.

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