Clergy update

I and Fr John have continued to celebrate Mass and pray the Divine Office daily for all parishioners. We have both been telephoning vulnerable and alone parishioners. If you know of any parishioner that would appreciate a call, please let us know. Some meetings such as Diocesan Trustees and School Governors are still being held virtually, funerals are being held at gravesides and a considerable amount of sorting and administration has been achieved during lockdown. Lockdown has provided many opportunities for us all and many people have told me that their gardens have never looked so good. So in spite of lockdown there is plenty to be done. The painting of St Thomas Church and Parish Rooms is now complete and the sound system at Oadby has been completed and tested. So even though we have not seen one another for some weeks we have been kept very busy within our respective presbyteries during lockdown. We continue to pray for you all and hope you continue to pray for us.  

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