The Liturgy, Parish Events and Coronavirus

 The following steps have been taken to reduce the risk and spread of Coronavirus. Your co-operation with these actions represents an act of loving charity to our community and neighbourhood.

  • Holy Water has been removed from the Church 
  • The sign of peace has been suspended at Mass 
  • Reception of Holy Communion on the hand only 
  • Minister of Holy Communion to sanitise their hands before and after distributing Holy Communion 
  • Hymnbooks and Divine Office books have been removed 
  • Single page hymn sheet, weekly liturgy leaflet and newsletter must be disposed of after single use – please take them home and do not replace in basket or leave on the pew 
  • Anyone with cold or flu symptoms should refrain from attending Church 
  • Doorkeeper will make available collection plate on arrival as it is not to be passed around 
  • Visits to the sick with Holy Communion have been suspended until further notice 
  • Catering at parish gatherings has been suspended until further notice as multiple people touch cups, biscuits etc. 
  • Veneration of the Cross on Good Friday will be by bow or genuflection – no kissing or physically touching the cross

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