Words of Wisdom from Pope Francis

Mass is the highest form of prayer and not an appropriate moment for small talk. At church, Catholics should spend their time in silence before Mass, preparing “to meet with Jesus” instead of engaging in “chitchat”. Silence is so important. We are not going to a show. Silence prepares us and accompanies us. Reflecting on the Eucharist is a form of prayer. Eucharist is the highest, the most sublime and, at the same time, the most concrete way of encountering God’s love. This is the greatest grace: to experience that the Eucharist is the privileged moment to be with Jesus and, through Him, with God and with our brothers and sisters. In the Gospels Jesus teaches His disciples that the first thing needed to pray is to know how to say ‘father’ and to trust in God with the humility of a child. Christians also must allow themselves to be surprised by the living encounter with the Lord and not simply talk to God like a parrot, repeating the words of prayers without thinking. The encounter with God is a living encounter. It is not an encounter of a museum, it is a living encounter. And we go to Mass, not a museum! We go to a living encounter with the Lord. The Mass is also a gift and a consolation where Christians discover that God’s greatest surprise is that he loves us even in our weakness. The Lord encounters our frailty. This is the environment of the Eucharist. This is prayer. (Taken from Pope Francis General Audience November 2017).

Image: Jeffrey Bruno

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