Focus on Parish Ministries…Children’s Liturgy

Both our parishes celebrate the Liturgy of the Word with our children, at 9.00am Mass at Knighton (Term time only) and at 11.00am Mass Oadby (except last Sunday of the month). Our children join the main assembly for the beginning of Mass and are then invited to a room close by to explore the Word of God led by an adult leader. The leader’s ministry is to open the hearts and minds of the children to the word of God and allow them to respond to God’s word in their prayer and life. The leader presides over the celebration, welcomes the children, proclaims the Gospel, leads the reflection and/or activity on the scriptures and facilitates the smooth running of the liturgy. Resources are available to support the leader prepare. Children’s liturgy is aimed at 5 year olds upwards to First Communion preparation. At Knighton colouring and drawing activities are available for under fives (parents only need to stay if their child(ren) is under five years of age.

Prayer for Children’s Liturgy Leaders

Father, you call our Children’s Liturgy Leaders to serve our younger sisters and brothers by sharing your Word and bringing our little ones to a
deeper understanding of your endless love.

May they be effective in the ministering of your Word and persevering in prayer. We ask the Lord to bless all those in the service of our parish communities. Amen.

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