Focus on Parish Ministries…Finance

Each parish has a finance committee as laid down by Canon Law. They support and advise Father Michael in financial matters. They are supported by the counters who record (anonymously by number only) planned giving and collections each week and count and prepare for banking all monies received into the parish. All money received into a parish, from envelopes, second collections, hire of parish rooms to coffee/tea after Mass, should be paid into the parish account as laid down by the Diocese. All expenses are then paid out of the parish account by Father Michael. Each parish also has a Gift Aid co-ordinator who prepares the annual return to HMRC in order for the parish to reclaim 25p in the pound. Being involved in the finances of a parish is about responsible stewardship of earthly matters and ensuring financial law and audit is observed in a transparent and open manner. Whilst it is important to recognise those who use their financial skills to assist in this ministry it would not be possible without all those who are so generous week by week, month by month to the parish finances and a huge thank you is recorded here to all contributors for your regular and generous giving. We would also like to thank two counting teams that have recently retired – John and Anne Watters for 25 years’ service and Yvonne and Nik Brylka-Mee for 10 years’ service.

As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. (Josiah 24:15)

Prayer for those in the Ministry of Finance

Bless those responsible for the financial matters and concerns of our parish.
May they be astute in matters of this world to bring them to the reward of everlasting life. We ask the Lord to bless all those in the service of our parish communities. Amen.

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