Parable about the farmer

Story: Jesus told a parable about a farmer going out to sow seed. In it he described seed falling on different parts of the field, some grew and some didn’t. The seed that fell on the footpath was eaten by birds. This seed, Jesus explained, represented the Word of God which was heard but, others came and took it away! (Luke 8:4-15)

Thought: Sadly, it’s likely that many of us will know friends or even family members who, no longer follow their faith; others have come and taken it away! We can be easily overwhelmed by thoughts of sorrow and hope for them but, we must also remember that often, as they watch our own daily faith practices, they return as staunch allies. Remember the power of prayer, it keeps the “birds away.”

Reflection: Good Jesus, strengthen our faith. Give us the wisdom to reach out to others as they question their beliefs. May we be guiding stars to each other. This we ask through the intercession of the Angels and Saints. Amen.

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Welcome to the joint Catholic Churches of St Thomas More in Knighton and Immaculate Conception, Oadby. Our two churches are just two miles apart and are situated in the south of the City of Leicester.

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